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Table 2.

AMS radiocarbon dates and stable carbon and nitrogen isotope data from Grumăzești — Deleni. Previous studies of the Early Neolithic in the territory of Romania have shown that burials are few in number and unevenly distributed.

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Published accounts of skeletal remains from Neolithic burials between and focused mainly on morphological and anthropometric observations e. Nicolăescu-Plopşor but also showed an early interest in the interpretation of demographic and palaeopathological data against the background of archaeological, cultural and environmental evidence Necrasov, Cristescu ; Necrasov ; Publications reporting meticulously measured skeletal remains are extremely useful for comparative purposes and have facilitated the assessment of biological sex for adult individuals from contexts M1 and M2.

The JH Dating Site from M1 showed skeletal changes that could be linked with lifestyle.

The degree of attrition observed on the anterior dentition, especially the incisors, may have been the result of a repetitive action e. A coarse, unrefined diet, however, may also have contributed to the wear pattern. A carious cavity of the right maxillary first molar crown had resulted in the infection of the associated alveolar bone as shown by the presence of a remodelled cyst around the root Hillsonp.

Senior researcher, Dr. Tehnici, ateliere şi produse de bronz [summary: La metallurgie du bronze chez les Daces IIe s. Techniques, ateliers et produits]. Bibliotheca Thracologica XV, Bucureştip.

Moreover, the left maxillary second premolar was lost antemortem, as evidenced by remodelling of the alveolar bone. These lesions, together with generalised alveolar bone resorption and root exposure indicative of inflammation of the gums, could have been caused by specific dietary habits. The caries exhibited by the individual from M1 was not associated with severe attrition which can lead to cavities but was more likely a consequence of diet and poor oral hygiene.

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The bony changes observed on the skeleton from M1 could be an adaptation to specific JH Dating Site, although the fact that males generally display more prominent muscle attachments must also be taken into account. The deep, remodelled sulcus for the insertion and origin of muscles and tendons that enable movement and elevation of the JH Dating Site, and extension and abduction of the forearm, observed on both humeri, might point toward a repeated action.

The bilaterality and location of these lesions support their aetiology from a repeated action.

Early Neolithic burials from Grumăzeşti – Deleni, Neamţ County, Romania

Human remains from context M2 comprise the fragmented bones of at least two individuals, perhaps from a disturbed burial or burials. Little more can be said given the extremely limited information available from both osteological analysis and the archaeological context.

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Radiocarbon and stable isotope analyses The Grumăzeşti — Deleni site is situated in the region of Moldova NE Romaniawhich occupies an area of ca. The Neolithic in this region has been divided recently into two main phases, Neolithic I Starčevo-Criş, ca.

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The very limited number JH Dating Site 14C and stable isotope analyses undertaken for this paper were aimed at refining the chronology of the Early Neolithic Starčevo-Criş culture occupation at Grumăzeşti — Deleni and establishing the position of burial M1 in the Starčevo-Criş occupation sequence.

Two samples of herbivore bone were dated from context F21 Table 2, Fig. No painted pottery was recovered from F The fact that the individual 2σ This range overlaps with that of Ro-AMS Single plots a— c and a multiplot d of calibrated radiocarbon measurements on herbivore bone brown and human bone blue from Grumăzești — Deleni cf.

Table 2generated in OxCal v 4. While the bone collagen δ13C value of In fact, the δ15N value of M1 falls within the range of variation of individuals from Velesnica in the Iron Gates where the archaeofaunal record and organic residues in pottery sherds suggest the Early Neolithic economy was based on a combination of farming and fishing Bonsall et alii ; Cramp et alii It is also worth noting that a detailed stable isotope study of LBK populations in Central Europe linked similarly elevated δ15N values with mixed terrestrial and aquatic diets Bickle Table 3.

Comparison of adult human bone collagen δ13C and δ15N data from Grumăzești — Deleni and JH Dating Site Neolithic and Bronze Age sites in the central and northern Balkans Comparison of adult human bone collagen δ13C and δ15N data from Grumăzești — Deleni and selected Neolithic and Bronze Age sites in the central and northern Balkans.

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A substantial freshwater reservoir effect has been documented in the bones of prehistoric people living along the River Danube e. Cook et alii However, in other situations where regular freshwater fish consumption has been documented, the reservoir effect has been shown to be very small or non-existent e. Svyatko et alii ; Dury et alii These are questions that on present evidence cannot be resolved, but the following points are worth noting: 1 Burial M1 is still likely to be older than cal BC JH Dating Site Starčevo-Crişgiven its apparent stratigraphic position relative to F6; 2 JH Dating Site fish or shellfish remains were recovered in the excavations at Grumăzeşti — Deleni — however, bone preservation was generally poor and sieving was not employed; 3 Although today there are a number of streams and small rivers close to Grumăzeşti — Deleni, the nearest body of freshwater capable of supporting a significant, year-round fishery is arguably the River Bistriţa, ca.

Worship, habitation, refuge : Bronze and Iron Age sites of the lower Feneş valleyn1 by Tibor-Tamás Daróczi Book 3 editions published in in English and held by 5 WorldCat member libraries worldwide At the periphery of the Avar Core region : 6th-8th century burial sites near Nădlac the Pecica-Nădlac motorway rescue excavations by Erwin Gáll Book 3 editions published in in English and held by 5 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Archeological rescue excavations uncovered three burial grounds in Nadlac, dating from the 6th to the 8th centuries. The burial customs and material culture provide important archaelogical data io the mobile lifestyle nomadism and possible micro-regional patterns of migration, trade, and cultural transfers. Anthropological and archaeozoological analysis similarly provide numerous data particularly JH Dating Site regard to those animals which can be found Cercetări arheologice preventive la Floreşti-Polus Center, Jud.

Matsubayashi, Tayasu If the same applies to other appendicular long bones of the human skeleton, then the δ13C and δ15N values obtained from an ulna shaft of M1 may largely reflect his diet during adolescence, rather than adulthood. Conclusions Burials M1 and M2 from Grumăzeşti — Deleni contained skeletal remains from individuals of differing ages. Results of bioarchaeological analysis, radiocarbon dating and bone collagen stable C-and N-isotope analysis have provided information on the sex, age-at-death, diet and lifestyle of the individual from burial M1, the JH Dating Site articulated skeleton from the site, but have left questions of chronology and mobility unresolved.

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Stable C-and N-isotope analyses of a tooth and rib from M1, when combined with the data already obtained from an ulna, would allow comparison of his diet during childhood, adolescence and adulthood, while aDNA analysis of his dental calculus has the potential to contribute JH Dating Site information on behaviour, diet and disease. References Aguraiuja et alii — Ü.

Aguraiuja, M. Constantinescu, A. Lamb, C. Antoniu, Rosca-Gramatopol — S. Antoniu, M. I,p. Bass — W. Bass, Human osteology: a field guide and manual, 5th Edition, Archaeological Society, Missouri, Bickle — P.

Bonsall et alii — C. Bonsall, M. Horvat, K. McSweeney, M. Masson, T. Higham, C. Pickard, G. Cook, Chronological and dietary aspects of the human burials from Ajdovska Cave, Slovenia, Radiocarbon 49,p.

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Bonsall, R. Vasić, A. Boroneanț, M. Roksandic, A. Soficaru, K. McSweeney, JH Dating Site. Evatt, Ü. Aguraiuja, C. Pickard, V. Dimitrijević, T. Higham, D. Hamilton, G. Boroneanț — A. Boroneanț, The archaeological excavations at Grumăzești — Neamț County.

Part 1 — refitting the puzzle, SP 9,p. Boroneanţ et alii JH Dating Site A. Boroneanţ, V.